CRISP, or the California Regional Investigational Supplies Professionals, had our inaugural meeting in San Francisco in March 2010 with a goal to provide a full one day forum for folks to learn the latest clinical supplies information and to network, in order to increase their value to their organizations.

California Regional Investigational Supplies Professionals

Vision Statement

The vision of CRISP is to create the best and most popular educational and networking environment for clinical supplies professionals on the West Coast.

Mission Statement

CRISP will bring value to their attendees and members by providing up to the minute clinical supplies information and a forum for networking to increase connectivity on the West Coast.


CRISP is proud to have an association with Bio Supply Management Alliance (BSMA). For more information about BSMA go to:  BSMA   


Please join our LinkedIn group to get answers to your clinical supplies related questions at...CRISP (California Regional Investigational Supplies Professionals)

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CRISP Steering Committee

Andrew GregoireMyonex

Betty WaltersGlobal BioPharm Solutions, Executive Administrator

Dan CooperCooper Technical Consulting, Inc.

Emily MullAcadia Pharmaceuticals

Ilene Tat TongArena Pharmaceuticals

Ingred HollidayThermo Fisher Scientific

Steve JacobsGlobal BioPharm Solutions

Trinh LeCollaborative Clinical Research Consulting, Inc.

Join us February 23-26, 2021, 12 - 1:30 pm PDT/ 3 - 4:30 pm EDT

to learn and network with like-minded clinical supplies professionals.